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Trackbar Emotion Software

Trackbar Emotion is a plug-n-play compatible mouse for both Microsoft Windows and Mac operative systems, meaning that you don't need to install any additional software to make it work. The plug-n-play version has pre-defined functions for each of the six buttons. However, users who want to take full advantage of Trackbar Emotion's unique potential can download the Trackbar Emotion software, without charge.

With the software installed you can customize the Trackbar Emotion to suit your specific needs. You can program any of the buttons to carry out a wide range of operations such as opening programs and defining shortcuts. You can also change a range of other features, including the speed or visibility of the cursor. The plug-n-play version of Trackbar Emotion automatically selects the language of your operating system.

Installer file (msi)
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Trackbar Manuals

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